I want to thank everyone who has offered encouragement, feedback, constructive criticism and advice in helping life INSIGHTS become the private practice that it is! I had a wonderful opportunity to network with other mental health practitioners the other night and what a success it was! The feedback from my colleagues on the importance and dire need of post adoption therapy inspired me and really reminded me of how fulfilling and important the work really is. Not only is post adoption and attachment therapy a very small and needed niche, I also believe that it is important that the area not be taken lightly. I feel very blessed that my own journey as an adopted child and now an adopted adult can help pave the way for families who may be struggling with the same or similar issues.

Parents always ask me “What does my child want me to know and how can I give my child what he/she needs?” One of my standard answers and one that I truly stand behind is this… “Allow your child to feel your compassion and encouragement in his/her journey. Most importantly communicate to your children that they have your permission to feel how they need to feel and to explore their emotions both good and bad albeit in appropriate ways. No emotion is a bad emotion and allow the triumphs and tribulations to both be celebrated as progress in a lifelong journey”.


Hello bloggers!

This is very exciting! I am new to this whole blog thing so bear with me. This is the most popular and easiest way to reach the largest population of adoptees and their families. In future blogs I will introduce myself and tell you a little about my own journey as an adopted adult. I am the founder/president of a private practice specializing in Post Adoption and Attachment Therapy. With my experience working with the adopted community I will shed light on issues that affect many of you and answer any questions or address new issues that are of interest to you….the readers!

Please feel free to leave messages or comments (appropriate only please!).  I look forward to building a community through this blog that will enable you to find support, resources and new ideas to help you and/or your family navigate through the life long journey of adoption!

Looking forward to learning more about each and every one of you!


Kara E. Priesmeyer, MA